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The ONLY public Marketo
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We've trained thousands of people how to use Marketo over the last 8+ years.
We're now offering public Marketo education sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - and on demand in Auckland and Adelaide.
It's what we've wanted to deliver for all these years: It's Marketo ++ with additional hands-on modules for CRM integration, ABM, multi-channel, social reporting, journey/personas and more.

"It was a great learning experience. I would recommend this course (Marketo Essentials) to anyone who is new to Marketo and would like to get the initial confidence before hitting the ground. Our instructor was absolutely brilliant and he has got an in-depth understanding about marketing automation which was really helpful." Munia Mukherjee, Ricoh Australia

Welterweight - Marketo Refresher Midweight - Marketo Deepdiver Heavyweight - Marketo Expert
Who You've been through the Marketo Core Concepts and come out with questions about how your business can implement key aspects.
You've managed and built programs including email, LPs and now looking to widen your skills set in the admin space including aspects such as field creation/management, CRM integrations, webhooks and lead scoring/life-cycles.
You're an experienced Marketo users -
having built 30+ programs over the last year, but you know you want to get more from it. Perhaps you've set your sights on getting your Marketo Certified Expert certification (MCE) or you want to implement SMS?
The fundamentals of Marketo will be covered including data imports, basic email creation, landing pages, running reports and smart lists as well as an introduction into nurture programs, tokens and
dynamic content.
Design training, 
Price 1 day - $750 2 day - TBC 2 days - TBC
You'll be able to create your own campaigns with confidence
You'll be able to work in tandem with your CRM manager to better optimise lead management in both Marketo and the CRM. This is vital for sales and marketing alignment.
You'll be able to confidently apply for the MCE examination knowing you've got both the knowledge and the experience to achieve!
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Personalised courses

We can run 1-on-1 or 1:many private training courses too - where you and your team [as many as you like] can be involved for all, or part of the course. 

This is especially useful if you're trying to get traction on certain 'advanced' features - such as lead scoring, because you can get your Sales Manager involved for just that hour of the course. This drives engagement like no other.
Ask Graham for more details.

Marketo - Essentials

2 days - hands-on.

You'll be a Marketing Operations person - responsible for campaign development, execution or reporting. You may have been through Marketo Core Concepts training in the past and come out with more questions than answers about how your business should be implementing key aspects.  If you're new to your role or with using Marketo, this course will suit too - but ideally you'll have used tools such as Pardot, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or similar platforms...

Hands-on and exercise-led learning, covering the fundamentals of Marketo in depth. Recognising that there are many ways to do things in Marketo - we will teach you BPX's Best Practices and take the time to describe the implications on your other systems, your people and your existing sales & marketing processes. The course will cover:
the Marketo Interface | The Database – lead imports, smart lists, filters | Programs | Email Programs 101 | Audience building | Blocked leads | The email editor – modules and variables | Approving testing Assets | Scheduling, AB Testing, Sending | Reporting Best Practice | Programs and Channels | Smart Campaigns and Automation | Capturing data using Forms | Program: Gated Content | Nurture Programs | Integrations | Segmentation and Dynamic Content

We now accept payment via credit card, alternatively we can issue an invoice.

Marketo - Advanced

1 day - workshop & hands-on.

Marketo users with at least 12 months hands-on experience or those who have mastered the everyday actions – and who push on to “make Marketo sweat”, how to the manage and apply Best Practice, drive adoption across other divisions and be seen to be a hero. 

- The 10 Best Practices which will drive your use of CRM and Martech stack and engage with your customers (even) better.
- How to maintain a healthy database. Learn key strategies on how to build and manage an email database that loves you.
- Build a Lead Lifecycle Management Process that will make your sales team deliriously happy. Understanding the key pillars required when defining each stage of your lead lifecycle and the ability to measure and affect lead stage velocity.
- Accelerate your content marketing success Journeys, Personas, Content matrices and how it relates to Marketo. Learn how to attract traffic to your content, apply content marketing strategies to beat your competition and to create stand-out content.

Dependent upon audience, we can pretty much do ANYTHING on ANY TOPIC - from Advanced Tokens through to Multi-step forms to personalisation techniques to velocity scripting to ... well you name it ! In the absence of requests - the core content is below. We will teach BPX's Best Practices and take time to discuss the implications on your other systems, your people and your sales & marketing processes. 

Advanced Smart Campaigns | Advanced Nurture Programs | Dynamic Content and Segmentation | Set up your Marketo instance to get the reports you want | Tips to maintain a healthy database | Build a Lead Lifecycle Management Process that will make your sales team deliriously happy | Understanding key pillars required when defining each stage of your lead lifecycle | Measure and affect lead stage velocity | Accelerate content marketing success | Journeys, Personas | Content matrices- attract traffic to your content, apply content marketing strategies and create stand-out content | Advanced Program Design | Tokens, tokens, tokens are your friend | Lead Scoring Best Practice | Multi-step forms | Templates for email and LP | SMS as a flow step | Deep dive on CRM integration | Social integrations (Facebook, Linkedin etc) | MCE course preparation.

We now accept payment via credit card, alternatively we can issue an invoice.

Personalised courses

Marketo for Marketing and Sales people






Learn from The Best

BluprintX ANZ has been delivering Marketo's own Core Concepts Training Courses for years now in an outsourcing agreement with the good folks at Marketo ANZ.
We understand the value of face to face sessions; there isn't anything like being able to bring the trainer over to your own screen to show them your roadblocks and discuss best practices.

If so - call us, we have special offers to support your good works.

VenuesSydney: 60 York Street | Melbourne: 20 Queen Street | Brisbane: 88 Creek Street
Group size: we aim for at least four per class, and max out at eight.
Times: 9am - 5pm 

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Speaker Name
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Suzanne Wink
CRM & Marketing Automation Expert
Mina Saleeb
Digital Marketing Consultant



Suzanne Wink
Marketing Automation Expert
MCSA & MCE, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Administrator. Teacher of dozens of Marketo's own Core Concepts courses. Veteran of many dozens of Marketo implementations & launchpacks.
Nora Slattery
M.A.D Wizard
[Marketing Automation and Digital]
MCSA, MCE. The original [MCC] MCSA in Australia. The longest serving and most experienced [120+ MKTO systems implemented] and most highly sought after Marketo consultant in the Southern Hemisphere.
Mina Saleeb
Marketing Automation Technologist
MCSA & MCE - highly experienced Martech practitioner with demonstrated skills in scaling programs benefiting sales and marketing teams; from small instances all through to enterprise sized Marketo instances.  Passionate about Sales activation and CRM!
Graham Porter
MarTech evangelist
One of Australia’s most respected MarTech strategists. Principal Consultant, Coaching, mentoring, change management, Salesforce Sales Cloud Admin, Graham is a veteran [in more than one way!] of over 200+ Marketos & 150 SFDC systems implementations.

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